Don Hanson M.A. is an international teacher, healer and group process facilitator. He is a licensed interfaith minister and has spent over 40 years unraveling his own fear-based belief systems and mind-sets and has awakened a profound ability to bring through powerful healing energies.

Jen Hanson O.C.P is an international teacher, healer and group process facilitator. She is a licensed interfaith minister who has spent the last 15 years in an intense Transforming Cellular Memory mentorship training program, awakening the ability to bring through powerful healing energies.

These sacred healing energies combine with Don & Jen’s psychic, intuitive skills and group process experience. The result is an unlocking on a cellular level of all inherited behavior patterns that keep you stuck in a limited level of consciousness and perspective. Don and Jen will help you move through phobias, fears, doubt, self-mistrust, passivity, shame and guilt, clearing everything you have absorbed in your lifetime and from your ancestors. You will learn how to work with divine energies for yourself and others awakening your own innate spiritual gifts and talents.

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If you are passionate about your self-realization and enlightenment process, if you are already a healer looking to refine and expand your work and/or you are in need of deep healing, transformation and growth then you owe it to yourself to work with Don or Jen Hanson…
  • Experience a deep unraveling and healing process unique to you.
  • Move through cultural, mental and religious limitations and programming.
  • Learn how to communicate from your intuition and power center.
  • Learn how to unhook yourself from other people's energies and controls.
  • Understand the Tantric way of life and how to awaken Kundalini energies
  • Learn how to read and interpret the Universal language of energy or Chi
  • Build structures on how to have healthy relationships based on power, vulnerability and a conscious method of communication. Create a new style of relationship based on freedom, independence, passion, aliveness, deep love and trust.
TCM is a healing and training process developed and taught by Don Hanson. During a TCM session or workshop it is clear that something greater and far more intelligent than the human mind is choreographing the entire healing experience. Don & Jen have the ability to 'get out of their own way' and allow sacred, healing energies (best described as the healing power and intelligence of the Universe) to pour through their bodies for those working with them. It can be a difficult phenomenon to describe in words because it is so multi-faceted, unpredictable and ever evolving. (It is something you should experience in person to fully understand).

You can see and feel clearly during a workshop or private session that the purpose of these energies is to take your body and soul through a complete purification and transformation on all levels. This is a phenomenon that takes place both instantaneously and over many years. You will experience immediate shifts in your body, emotions and life with just one session or workshop. For some this may be all that is needed, but for others this is just the beginning. When those first layers of trauma and tension are touched and transformed by the light, there is a burning desire to continue the healing and unraveling process until full enlightenment of self is realized.

This sacred gift of bringing through 'light' that was realized by Don in 1981 is the basic Spiritual foundation of the TCM process. In addition to this Don's invaluable training in psychotherapy and group process for over 40 years provides you with an essential structure on how to incorporate the insights and healing offered by the light into your everyday life. This is an extremely important element of TCM as it allows an integration of huge energetic shifts into your body and mind. So many healing modalities offer powerful experiences 'on the day', but give little or no structure on how the shift can be applied into your life thereafter.

Another fundamental element of TCM is the personal training. Don and Jen are continually teaching and training you to work directly with the Great Spirit and access the same power they can for yourself and others. They explain that the first step to awakening your gifts of the light is to commit to your own unraveling, healing and purification process. "How can we heal others when we ourselves are not yet healed"?

When you take all of the above ingredients and add the flavor of human conditioning and its challenges with spontaneous role-play; talking to the Great Spirit out loud; deep and powerful one on one healings and lots and lots of laughter, you end up with an amazingly powerful, profoundly healing experience which changes your life forever! This is "Transforming Cellular Memory - The New Paradigm for Self-Realization and Enlightened Living".

What will I feel?
The intelligence of this energy targets the areas where old fears, tensions and traumas are locked away. It will start to unravel and unlock those original experiences. You may feel your body or certain muscle groups tighten then relax as layers of blockages let go. Or you might feel an explosion in the cells as synapses of age-old patterns disperse. It may be sudden or reverberate for days but the results will last a lifetime.

You will experience tremendous relief. You will feel releasing, tingling and energy flowing through your body as core layers of trauma and programming are eliminated effortlessly. You will experience a mind-shift... a life-shift as cells discover a new dimension of freedom. When the fears and restrictions fall away, old behavior patterns of personality and life-stance are transformed, changed and re-born.
Don Hanson

Jen Hanson
Jen Hanson

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"I believe Don's work to be the cutting edge of where humanity can go…"
Ted Kirby, Ireland

"It is incredible how Jen Hanson works with light and energy, helping you release old beliefs and patterns that no longer fit. This clearing then enables you to step unhindered into your own power, purpose, light and greatness."
Helen Shaw, New Zealand/U.S.A

"This is a transformational lifestyle straight from Universal Love. The consciousness available through these workshops is educating my body at a cellular level on how to live in a reality of passion, creativity and abundance…"
John McSweeney, USA