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Don Hanson is the originator of TCM  



Transforming Cellular Memory

TCM is the process of taking the body/mind through deep cellular purification and metamorphosis. This is created through sitting in a transmission of divine light, allowing this energy of universal intelligence to clear out the old cloaks of world mind and awaken the sacred nature of who we truly are. 


Expanding Global Consciousness

There are many of us who are now and have been taking our bodies through deep purification. We are learning to live in alignment with the universal principles of love, gratitude and sweetness. Together we are pioneering a new global consciousness based on inclusion, connection and the recognition that we are all in this together as a global family. Together we now move beyond the grid of old world mind; fear, separation, exclusion, bigotry, greed/competition and self hatred.


Through attending and committing to Don´s courses, workshops and

seminars on an on-going basis, participants will eventually become

proficient and will develop a mastery in the areas of; 


About Don;

Don Hanson holds a master degree in Transpersonal Psychology and is a licensed Interfaith Minister. He is the originator and creator of Transforming Cellular Memory tm.  For the last 35 years he has been traveling internationally and has taken thousands of people through a journey of deep cellular/molecular purification and metamorphosis. 

Don has been on the spiritual path for over 47 years.  Through sitting in the light for all this time he has mastered the art of becoming a human being separate from the brainwashing and cultural conditioning of old world mind. 

As Don spent decades studying both psychological and spiritual disciplines he unlocked the fountain of light in his consciousness. This opened up some beautiful spiritual gifts and abilities. He now uses his talent to help others to open up and realize their full potential and who they are as beautiful precious human beings.