Private Sessions




Private Sessions

Transforming Cellular  private sessions are extremely powerful and life-changing. In just 90 minutes you will feel countless layers of tension, history and baggage being lifted out of you. The effects are instantaneous and the repercussions of what has been transformed will unfold for days, weeks and months afterwards.

If it is your first session, Donald will ask a number of questions to get a feel for who you are and what is going on inside your body and emotions. You may work on a specific issue or you may simply show up and allow Divine Intelligence to go after what it wants to touch and transform in you.

Donald travels frequently throughout the year leading workshops and retreats in different countries. Between trips he is available for skype/phone sessions. He suggests you find a quiet room with a comfortable chair or bed to relax upon for the duration of the session. There is nothing else you must do to prepare other than keep an open mind. Donald and Spirit will do the rest!

Donald is also available for in-person sessions when traveling internationally. Please contact the local area sponsor (to be found in WORKSHOPS), to book your session when he's working abroad. 




E-mail:  (business manager)

Donald´s skype address is: donhanson-texas


COST: $200 - which you can pay by cash in-person / check or money order in the mail / credit card here:

Enter; "Private Session"