In Conversation With Don Hanson



 The following is an extract from an interview Dr Julie Forsey had with Donald Hanson in March 2018. During this enlightening conversation between friends Don shares his wisdom on various topics including; getting out of our heads and into our feeling bodies, the power of listening to the intelligence of the universe and the nature of kundalini energy and how it opens us once we are ready. 

What is the Energy?

The energy is Pure Health.

How do you work with the energy?

I use my body as an instrument. I imagine that it’s like two tuning forks. My body is a tuning fork. I have learned to get out of the way and read my body in relationship to another person, I feel their ‘pitch’, so whatever vibration or frequency they have, whatever they are holding inside, all I have to do is open up to them and I can feel exactly what’s going on in their body, in my body, Because I’ve spent a lot of time clearing my own body I can trust what I am feeling.

 Is it an ability you are born with, and can other people develop this?

 I think everybody has this gift.  Most of us are born into families and situations where feelings are discounted and intellectuality is emphasized. Feelings are neglected.  There is no education for how to work with your feelings, your own body awareness and your emotions.

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Donald S Hanson
You Are So Precious And Special

Have you ever taken the time to realise just how precious and special you are? Did you know that you are a perfect manifestation of divine intelligence in physical form? And that every cell and every atom in your body is sacred?

We are created in the image of God. What does that mean? Well in my opinion, based on many years of study and search into myself looking for the true nature of who I am, I`ve discovered some realisations of Truth that I´d like to pass on to you.

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Donald S Hanson