I have been on a radical path of personal development for the last 8 years. I had a big time spiritual awaking in 2009 with a plant medicine that landed me right on life purpose and connected with my true self. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life, it was a huge opening to the spiritual world but after about a year I started to lose my connection and the pure bliss started to fade. I realized that I was missing very valuable tools and a structure to maintain the connection. The opening was big and without clear ongoing focus and intenton my part I defaulted to old programming and at that time I attracted a lot of very powerful people, energies and experiences into my field, that were not serving me on my path of truth and love. I wanted my true self back and I knew I needed a very powerful and loving teacher to help me. I was on my hands and knees daily praying for help and the universe delivered Donald Hanson.  I was first introduced to his work through one of his students, Johanna Harmala who really helped me make a profound shift in three of her private sessions.  When I wanted to go deeper she introduced me to Donald. I had a call with Donald via Skype and after a 15 minute call I felt connected back with my true self again for the first time in 4 years.  The three of us organized a retreat together and I invited many people from our community. In fact, 10 plus friends were so inspired by my story that they came to the workshop and underwent huge transformations themselves. Even after the workshop many of us continue to go through major transformations. I have now done four workshops with Donald, all in the last year and every workshop I am surprised by how even more deep I can go and what layers of un- serving patterns are uncovered and released from my being. Layers that I was not even aware were so influential over my life. I am in so much gratitude for the new levels of euphoria and high vibration I radiate in my daily life as well as for my increased connection and manifestation abilities. There have been countless benefits but here are some of the top of my head….

I have deepened my friendships and I am experiencing intimacy, honesty, vulnerability, love and connection to others like never before

I am learning about discernment, discerning my thoughts, feeling and emotions from other peoples

I have an understanding on how to read peoples energies and it continues to deepen daily

I have embodied the importance of presence and that presence is the canvas in the art of listening

My stomach and back problems have subsided  

I have faced and released many of my fears and insecurities

I improved my relationship with my son

I improved my relationship with my mother

I was able to handle my fathers death incredibly well and offer support and guidance to my family

I am refocused back on life purpose

After a year long period of inactivity I am earning money again

I greatly healed my birthing trauma both physically and emotionally

I now have a greater understanding of a Tantra way of life, whereas before I did not know that that meant

I have experienced a kundalini awakening

My family members came to a workshop and received a healing

As a result of the work I have freed myself up to create again…

I opened a Waldorf inspired school(The teacher came to one of the workshops and it inspired her to join our school and community)

I was declared a founding member of a high vibrational community of next generation transformational leaders 

I moved into my dream home

Donald Hanson is a highly authentic, intelligent, gentle, generous, playful, loving and gifted man who has created a very unique process that is extremely effective in helping a person to transform physically, emotionally and spiritually into the greatest most interesting version of themselves. He loves people and in mastering himself he has developed one of the most fascinating relationships with divine light that I have ever experienced. One that is so powerful that just being in his presence one transforms. With his many years of training and experience he teaches a structure that helps a person not only to continually broaden their connection to the intelligence of the universe but to maintain that connection and sweetness with a structure that provides ongoing support.  I am forever grateful for Donald and his work and I feel honoured to sit in more workshops and be a messenger in helping Donald and the light to reach many more. 

Julia Malone, Architect, Promoter, Entrepreneur. 



Psychotherapy works with the mind and thoughts.  It  is very hard to alter thought patterns by using more thoughts.  There is a risk of intensifying the split between mind and body, making a more ‘clever’ more presentable Ego, that will pass for ‘normal’ in our dysfunctional world.  

Donald’s work is so different, it’s the opposite.  He works with the Energy, and with feeling in the body, which allows any patterns we have taken on to be released.   The Light, the Love is the foundation for his work, it is always there, it is the backdrop, the theme, the means and the method.  There is no ‘working towards’ the Light, the Light is the starting place. 

Julie Forsey, Medical Doctor, Wellington, New Zealand.



I have been working with Donald now consistently for over 15 years. During this time I have gone though such a great metamorphose that I feel like I can now say I feel love and joy pretty much most of the time and I have created a really wonderful life for myself. I teach yoga, offer sessions in this work,make films and travel the world all while being a mama. Donald has been my guide & my friend and helped me through the darkest days of my spiritual journey and taught me how to embrace it all. He is a pioneer, a trailblazer, a risk taker and the brightest Channel of light I have ever had the privilege of meeting. To work with him is to enter into an entirely new vibration of light.


Cathy Pearson, Yoga Teacher & Film Director.



“Donald reconnected me with the divine within. His gift of bringing through the unconditional love necessary to melt away the emotional, mental and physical blocks to our divine self is beyond works. Experiencing his work helped me remember what I came to do. He is Unconditional Love.” 

Brett Cotter, Energy Worker, New York. 




“Working with Donald in a workshop or private session is truly the absolute best thing you can do for yourself and your soul! Donald, incredibly intuitive and well-trained has an absolutely awesome gift for channeling pure Spiritual energy… and this gift is very strong! As a healer working in the field for many years, I have never met anyone more able to bring through the love and energy of the Divine Spirit. This energy heals… it transforms all of our old programming and belief systems… it brings through love, joy, passion, excitement and abundance… and most importantly it allows for total connection with the Divine… there is no-one more able to do this work. Working with Donald is truly a gift!"

Mary Costello, Legal Administrator, Long Island, New York.




“This process is truly an adventure! It has challenged and stretched me. It has opened me and it has guided me. The people, the love and the energy in these groups have inspired me, embraced me, supported me, expanded me, liberated me and loved me. In these groups I feel I have come home to a way of being and relating to others that my heart has always longed for. I recommend this way for those who share this longing!"

Derek Plunkett, Healer, Practitioner, Dublin, Ireland.



I chose Donald as my teacher.  I chose to trust him and others around him above the parts of myself that I could not be clear about.  20 years of exploring my own self- consciousness does not diminish this trust, the opposite.  The more time he has been in my life the more I move toward recognizing his evolving mastery as an individual teacher and role model.  From the first moment I entered his workshop I recognized he was teaching people to get to where he was and I wanted to go.  

His work has changed my life in every possible way and I extremely grateful for that. He has never created any reliance on him only ever guided me back to my own truth, growth and knowingness.  After 15 years I can say his work is not only the cutting edge of where any individual or humanity can go, he himself is a model of it. 

Ted Kirby, Therapist, Panama. 




“For 10 years before meeting Donald I suffered from chronic back pain. In the first workshop with Donald he released a deep cellular memory within me that was causing it. Since then I have had no need for regular pain killers. Donald's channel and connection with Spirit is truly awesome and I have witnessed profound changes within me and others. Thank you Donald."

Gretta Barry, Ennis, Ireland. 




Donald Hanson is a truly gifted and very experienced teacher. I have known him for twenty years and seen miracle after miracle taking place in these circles. This is very powerful work for those who are willing to be vulnerable, take responsibility for their feelings and expand beyond the ego mind into higher vibrational reality. Donald transmits pure light and healing energies, which has abled me to go through a profound purification process. The work teaches you about energy, how the intelligence of the universe operates and how to have a relationship with it. Your life will not be the same. I am so grateful for Donald and the structure coming through him. 

Johanna Harmala, owner of Lake Arenal Retreat Center, Costa Rica




I began working with Donald in the 90's . It was a wonderful process for me. I was helped through the most difficult challenges of my life in the most gentle, playful, non judgmental , loving and safe space.
It was an honor to host Donald at times and also to travel in Sedona and Ghana with him. I learned and healed so much and so did one of my sons.
Much water has flown under the bridge since then and last year it was very exciting for me to reconnect with Donald and Johanna at her beautiful retreat centre in Costa Rica. This time was very different in that I was able to take ownership of my own shadow and really feel in my body the pain of how it feels to "make it about the other." What a revelation ...
So, here we go again.. Back in kindergarten and ready for the next adventures with Spirit and old friends.
Change and new beginnings - always exciting💃🏻 Here's to 2017. Life is good.




“The work I have been doing with Donald over the last year has totally changed my life. My connection with Spirit is getting stronger all the time. I am happier and more joyful and I live much more in the present. My relationships both personal and business have improved enormously. Because I am more open to new possibilities and trusting more, prosperity is flowing in my life."

Tom Galligan, Bar Proprietor, Dublin, Ireland




“Donald has a rare gift to share. He has helped me get in touch with and release blocks in my energy flow as well as mental and emotional bodies. He works in a clear and direct way to assist deep and profound changes that are lasting."

Bridget Van Block, M.A. Psychology, Sedona, AZ.




“Donald Hanson's work taps into such a deeply spiritual, profoundly healing energy that mere words cannot possibly capture the wonder and scope of its essence. He is coming from such a boundless, generous, limitless place of acceptance, love and presence. My body released pain and trauma that had been lodged in my cellular makeup for over a decade. His workshop has been a catalyst for my unfolding into my beauty and power. He is a true healer and benevolent teacher filled with joy and light."

Dawn Colombo, Holistic Service Reviewer, Tendu Magazine, New York. 



“Dear Donald, This is to appreciate your memorable visit to my school on Wednesday 23rd September 2003, and to thank you for donating cash and clothing to the children. Your kind gesture is not only inspiring but also supplements in practical terms the basic lessons of giving and receiving, which we impart to the children. Most importantly it is a motivating factor in our enrollment drive. You have opened your heart and your hand to the needy and deprived children. May the Holy Spirit uphold, preserve and fulfill your desires. May success crown all your untiring efforts. Thanks, Your Friend, Emmanuel Eghan”

Director, Christian Home Institute, Kokrobite, Accra, Ghana, Africa.



“On my first encounter with Donald's work, a 25 year struggle with the crippling pain of migraine simply vanished. Since then my life has changed immeasurably. I have an inner sense of peace and purpose I could never before have imagined. Donald is a great master and a wonderful gift to us all from Spirit.”

Judy, Tourist Industry, Northern Ireland.